Pastor's Desk: Third Sunday of Lent

Posted 22nd March 2014 in Pastor's Desk

Jesus meeting the woman at the well is our gospel text this Sunday. It is a fascinating story which reveals the deeply felt animosity between Samaritans and Jews of the day and also reveals how our lives can become spiritual deserts in need of reviving. Jesus enters into discussion with this Samaritan woman even though it is socially unacceptable to do so. He engages her in a debate which recognises her as a person and also recognises her intellect. But they do talk at cross purposes. Jesus speaks of the Living Water that will never run out and which continually refreshes those who receive it. The woman thinks of this as a bottomless well to get ordinary water. Jesus has in mind the waters of Baptism which each of us have received.

rciaOur modern lifestyle can leave us thirsting for spiritual refreshment. The seed of faith which has been planted in us requires regular nourishment and watering. Without it that seed will shrivel up and die. This Lent we are being called to refresh ourselves at the wellsprings of our faith; to once again revive the life that we were given at Baptism.

Please pray for Shona who has been part of the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) group for the past while and is preparing to receive the sacraments of initiation, Baptism, Confirmation and Communion at the Easter Vigil. Shona has come to the well of living water that Jesus speaks about in today’s Gospel and wishes to be refreshed in spirit. As a parish community we will pray for Shona as she journeys towards full membership of our faith.

Fr. Eoin

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