Pastor's Desk: 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted 20th September 2014 in Pastor's Desk

Welcome everyone and a particularly warm welcome to any visitors to our church on this All Ireland Football Final Day! Whether you have travelled from Kerry or Donegal, you are most welcome. We hope you have a great day and that we all enjoy a great final.

denariusThe Gospel sees Jesus tell the parable of the generous land owner who goes to the market place to offer work to men standing looking for a day’s work. The ones chosen early are the fit and able; as the day wore on, only the weak and feeble are left. When the men lined up to receive their pay, starting with the late arrivals, amazingly the land owner pays them one denarius, exactly what was promised to those who started from early morning. The early workers anticipate that he will pay them more than the promised denarius for all the work they have put in but disappointingly, he pays them exactly what he promised, one denarius.

The message that Jesus teaches is that God can be as generous with His salvation as he wants. His promise is the same to those have lived a full life of faith just as much as to those who have recently repented and converted. Jesus sums it up by saying, “the first will be last and last first”. Sometimes we can be very “possessive” of God’s salvation and think others are not, or could not, be worthy of God’s forgiveness. Like the first workers we think our reward has to be greater than a new convert but that is the Glory of God, he is generous beyond our wildest dreams!

Fr. Eoin

PS. The Annual Collection for Crosscare will be taken up at Masses this weekend. Read the Archbishop’s letter about Crosscare here.

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