Pastor's Desk: 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted 27th September 2014 in Pastor's Desk

saydoWelcome everyone. We continue our reading from Matthew’s Gospel and this week we have another parable, that of the man with two sons. The scene set out by Jesus is one familiar to every household; one of the sons is asked to do something by his father and says no but thinks about it later and then does as was asked; the other son says yes, but doesn’t do it! I’m sure parents could have a field day with their own examples! The message is the Lord is pleased when we carrying out his wishes, live by His values. So many people claim to be Christian but their lives don’t show it. Others may reject Christ and his values at first but if they change the direction of their lives then they are very welcome into the family of God.

School Year Mass

We are celebrating today the annual Mass for the beginning of the school year at 12.30pm. Each of the six Primary Schools in our parish will be taking part. Schools and education are always in the news and rightly so because they are a fundamental part of our society. For the children, they represent the formative years of their lives and it is important that every support is given to them so that the children can succeed in their future lives. For that to happen they need the best of teachers, the best of equipment, and the right environment in which to learn. It falls to the Boards of Management of each of the schools to ensure all these things are in place. The members of the Boards are all voluntary and give very generously of their time. For the most part, communities are unaware of the giving of that time. It is right to acknowledge and honour their commitment with our thanks. We ask the Lord’s Blessing on the pupils, teachers, ancillary staff, Principals and Boards of Management of our schools this coming year.

Farewell Fr. Karl

Fr. Karl says his last Mass with us this Sunday. We thank him and Linda for their contribution to our parish life over the past 11 months and we wish them a restful time in the US prior to their move to Knock. Ad multos annos.

Fr. Eoin

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