Pastor's Desk: 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted 4th October 2014 in Pastor's Desk

eucharist2Welcome everyone. Today is a very important day for the boys & girls who are preparing to receive their First Eucharist next May because today is ENROLMENT SUNDAY for the “Do this in Memory” programme. At each of our Masses the parents of the children will be invited to present an enrolment certificate for their child to the celebrant. Continuing the responsibility they took on at their child’s Baptism, the parents now commit to do all they can to prepare their child for the gift of this Sacrament by attending Sunday Mass, prayer in the home, and using the THUMB workbook and Grapevine newsletter for other ideas to help grow their child’s faith. We pray that the parents will be successful and as a parish we will do all we can to support them.

Readings this Sunday

There is no mistaking the meaning of our readings today: the Lord has given each of us gifts, talents and abilities that are unique to ourselves and we are meant to produce fruit for the community of faith from those unique gifts. Jesus uses parables again this week to show how God is disappointed when that fruit is missing. Let us share our talents for the building up of the community of faith.

Fr. Eoin

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