Pastor's Desk: 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted 15th November 2014 in Pastor's Desk

talentWelcome everyone. This is the second last Sunday of the Church’s year and the Gospel today is the parable of the talents. Jesus wishes us to reflect on how we use the talents and abilities that have been given to us uniquely as individuals, for the betterment of those around us. As you remember, in the parable, one servant buries his talent and then gives it back when requested by the Master. The Master is angry because the talent has never been used.

Parish life gives many opportunities for people to discover and share their talents. Think of the ways you have done so in your life. There is always time to discover a new, hidden talent. Our challenge is to stretch ourselves for benefit of others.

St Doulagh’s Church 150th Anniversary Service

I received the following very kind invitation from Rev Norman Gamble, Rector of the Malahide Group of Church of Ireland Parishes: “Dear Eoin, On behalf of the Select Vestry, I write to invite you and your parishioners to join us in a very special Service on Sunday 16th November at 7pm as we celebrate the 150th anniversary of the building of St Doulagh’s in its present form under Rev Geoffrey Studdert Kennedy in 1862-64. Archbishop Jackson will be present, and the preacher will be Rev Andrew Studdert Kennedy, Rector of Marlborough, Geoffrey’s great-grandson.”

I do hope some of our parishioners here in Holy Trinity will be able to join me in participating in the Service this evening in St Doulagh’s Church, Kinsealy.

Fr Eoin

PS. Our next “Do this in Memory” programme Mass in preparation for First Confession and First Eucharist is next Sunday at the 12.30pm Family Mass. We look forward to seeing all the families then.

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