Pastor's Desk: 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted 17th January 2015 in Pastor's Desk

Welcome everyone, as we gather for the Second Sunday in Ordinary Time. The theme of our readings today is that of answering God’s call in our lives. We see in our first reading, from the Book of Samuel, that Samuel is confused and doesn’t know whose voice he is hearing; he heard a literal voice and so was looking for a physical person but Eli advises him to remain still next time but answer, “Speak Lord, your servant is listening”. In the Gospel then we see more disciples follow Jesus and also that Simon is chosen by Jesus to be their leader; he is to be the rock of the church.

servantHaving reflected on our own baptismal calling last week we see this week that each of us has a calling from God to be bearers of his Word to others. As a parish community we need each other to play our part in building up the Kingdom of God. We do this by using the talents that God has given us for the benefit of the community. So let us all make that line from the Book of Samuel our own; “Speak Lord, Your servant is listening” and see what the Lord is saying to us. If you are looking for something to reflect on during the Monday Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, you can do no better!

Week of Guided Prayer

I am delighted that this weekend we will have a speaker at each of our Masses offering this excellent opportunity for parishioners to develop or deepen a style of prayer that suits their busy lives. No experience is necessary. During the week of February 8-14 your individual Prayer Guide will meet with you each day to help you hear God’s Word just as Samuel did in our First Reading today. Information leaflets and registration forms are available at the tables by the church doors.

Fr. Eoin

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