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Pastor's Desk: Palm Sunday

Posted 28th March 2015 in Pastor's Desk

Welcome friends as we begin the most significant week in the Church’s calendar, Holy Week. There is no doubt that it is a week full of liturgical drama starting with today’s celebration of Palm Sunday. In the blessing of our palm we are reminded of how Jesus was greeted as a hero on [...]

Pastor's Desk: Fifth Sunday of Lent

Posted 21st March 2015 in Pastor's Desk

Our season of Lent is moving closer to its conclusion in the dramatic events of Holy Week which begins next Sunday.

Catholic Bishops' eZine: Spring 2015

Posted 18th March 2015 in Catholic Bishops' eZine

The Spring 2015 issue of the Catholic Bishops’ eZine is now available.

Pastor's Desk: Fourth Sunday of Lent

Posted 14th March 2015 in Pastor's Desk

A Blessing Prayer for Mother’s Day

Pastor's Desk: Third Sunday of Lent

Posted 7th March 2015 in Pastor's Desk

It is hard to believe that the Ten Commandments were written some 3,500 years ago. The beauty of the Commandments is their simplicity.