Pastor's Desk: Palm Sunday

Posted 28th March 2015 in Pastor's Desk


Welcome friends as we begin the most significant week in the Church’s calendar, Holy Week. There is no doubt that it is a week full of liturgical drama starting with today’s celebration of Palm Sunday. In the blessing of our palm we are reminded of how Jesus was greeted as a hero on His entry into Jerusalem. The waving of palm, however, was to give way to wild cries for Jesus to be crucified is so short a time. It is a reminder to us of how fleeting we can be as human beings and easily led by the mob instead of standing our own two feet.

In the reading of the Passion, we are made conscious of Christ’s love for us, even to the point of giving His life for us. I love the Holy Week ceremonies as they bring us through the events that were, and are, the means of our salvation. I do hope you will be able to join us for them as many people are putting a great effort in to making them a meaningful and spiritual experience.

As our season of Lent comes to an end, let us walk with Jesus this week in His passion and death as we commemorate the great events of our Faith.

Fr. Eoin

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