Pastor's Desk: Divine Mercy Sunday

Posted 11th April 2015 in Pastor's Desk

divine-mercyThose hours and days immediately after Christ’s Passion, death and resurrection must have filled the Apostles with a mixture of emotions. In today’s gospel we hear how they had gathered in the closed room. We can only imagine how they must have felt when Jesus appeared and stood among them. The gospel tells us how ‘they were filled with Joy’ in his presence.

Thomas was missing of course and he wouldn’t believe that Jesus had appeared when the others told them about their encounter with the Risen Lord. He insists that he will only believe when he can see for himself and place his fingers and hands into the wounds. It was another 8 days before they were together again and this time Thomas was present. He now has the proof he wanted and his reply is ‘My Lord and my God’.

We can all be like Thomas full of doubt and fear from time to time. On this Divine Mercy Sunday we ask the Holy Spirit to dispel any darkness and doubt from our lives so that we may live Spirit filled lives to the full. ‘Happy are those who have not seen and yet believe’.

Fr. Gerry

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