Pastor's Desk: Third Sunday of Easter

Posted 18th April 2015 in Pastor's Desk

peaceWelcome everyone. On this Third Sunday of Easter we hear of another appearance of the Risen Lord to His disciples. What always strikes me about these appearances by Jesus is the fact that His first words are always, “Peace be with you”. How reassuring those words must have been to the disciples. Remember, they had let the Lord down so badly. They were happy enough to be his followers and associate with Him when he was popular with the crowds but when the people turned on Jesus, the disciples were quick to abandon Jesus and leave Him to His fate. Even Peter, the first among the apostles, denied Jesus three times when he was taking prisoner. Those words, “Peace be with you”, must have been very welcome indeed to the ears of the apostles. Jesus did not lash out and remind them of their failings but helped them to strengthen their faith and go out to preach the Good News.

Those words of Jesus are meant for each of us today as well. Jesus wants us to start afresh and recommit ourselves to living out our faith. Maybe when you are praying by yourself this week, just gently say those words of Jesus to yourself, “Peace be with you”, and hear Jesus speak them to you. Allow that forgiveness and loving compassion of God into your life.
Fr. Eoin

PS. Archbishop Martin has issued the SHARE Newsletter which gives a breakdown of contributions to SHARE from every parish and how the monies were distributed.

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