Pastor's Desk: Sixth Sunday of Easter

Posted 9th May 2015 in Pastor's Desk

Some people today would have you believe that Jesus didn’t lay down any conditions for His followers to abide by other than be loving so it is open to everyone to follow Jesus any way they want. But that would not be true. We see very clearly in today’s Gospel that Jesus says some very beautiful things to those who want to be His followers. Firstly, He tells us that “as the Father has loved me, so I have loved you”. Think about that. That bond of love between Jesus and the Father has been opened up to us, we share it too. Then He says, “If you keep my commandments you will remain in my love”. So Jesus has given us commandments, Do’s and Don’ts that we should follow. Jesus has a very clear understanding of what His followers should be like.

friends1Flor McCarthy puts it like this:

Don’t return evil for evil. Nothing is achieved by retaliation.
Don’t judge others. Only God knows the full facts.
Don’t condemn your neighbour.
Don’t store up earthly treasures for yourselves. God is not impressed by them.

Do love your enemies, not just friends and cronies.
Do give and you will receive.
Do forgive others fully and you will be forgiven yourself.
Do this in memory of me, celebrate the Mass each week to strengthen your faith.

Let us ask the Lord to help us follow His Commandments, His ways.
Fr. Eoin

First Communions:
We congratulate the boys & girls of BET NS who received their First Eucharist last Sunday. Today we welcome and congratulate the girls and boys of Scoil Bhríde who will receive their First Eucharist at the 11.00am Mass. We ask the Lord to keep them close to Him all their lives. The remaining First Communion Masses are as follows:

Sunday May 17th 11.00am Mass
(St. Kevin’s JNS pupils)

Sunday May 24th 12.30pm Family Mass
(St. Francis of Assisi PS pupils)

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