Pastor's Desk: The Most Holy Trinity

Posted 30th May 2015 in Pastor's Desk

the-holy-trinityHappy Feast Day!
Welcome everyone to our Masses on this, the Feast Day of the parish, Holy Trinity Sunday. This feast day is always a very special day for us as a parish as we celebrate the Most Holy Trinity of Father, Son and Spirit, to whose care our community of faith is entrusted. What we know of the Holy Trinity is revealed to us by Jesus in his preaching and teaching. He tells us very clearly that the Father, Son and Spirit are one. They are three persons, one God. What is more, the Holy Trinity wishes to share their divine life with each of us through the out pouring of the Holy Spirit. By way of our Baptism and Confirmation we have been admitted into the internal life of the Trinity as an individual but called to celebrate our life of faith in community. This is no surprise given that the Holy Trinity is a community itself of three persons, open to others.

Lourdes Pilgrimage
I head off with over 30 parishioners on Monday on the annual Helping Hand pilgrimage to Lourdes. Please be assured that your intentions will be remembered at the Grotto.

Sunday Mass Schedule for July & August
We will be once again following a revised Mass schedule for the months of July & August to facilitate holidays and a reduced congregation. The revised times are listed below.

Sunday Mass times for July & August
Effective from 4/5 July - 29/30 August 2015

Saturday Vigil

Sunday Morning

Please note the 12.30pm Mass will return for the first weekend in September

Fr. Eoin

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