Pastor's Desk: 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted 4th July 2015 in Pastor's Desk

In place of the Pastor’s Desk this week, we include the following extract from Intercom Magazine:

The Deep End - ‘What is this Wisdom?’

Can you think of a time when someone returned home after a life-changing experience, full of enthusiasm, and the response of the locals was mixed: ‘Who do they think they are?’ Perhaps it was you who had changed in some way, experienced a conversion or a new outlook on life and suddenly you were surrounded by the people who know you deeply and who are struggling to accept your new found wisdom. Often when these experiences happen, our family and friends do us a favour. They keep our feet on the ground and bring us on a journey back to everyday life. Like Jesus, we too can be amazed that this ‘wisdom’ is not shared by those around us. We should never crush the dreams or visions of others, but sometimes it is useful to keep one foot in reality while trying to achieve our dreams in small steps.

Today, it is also worth asking how we treat our modern day prophets? Prophets are controversial, they swim against the tide; they tell people things that they don’t want to hear; they try to encourage change and transformation. They can be extremely unpopular. Can you think of one modern-day prophet who may be calling you to something different, to something greater, even if it is uncomfortable? We will always learn something, even if our viewpoint doesn’t change. We should challenge ourselves to listen, to grow. How often has Jesus come to us in the form of someone we know very well, but we did not recognise him?

Jane Mellett

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