Pastor's Desk: 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted 5th September 2015 in Pastor's Desk

The month of September can be significant on many fronts. For families with school going children things will begin to return to normal. While the days can be sunny and warm the evenings can be much cooler. Daybreak is much later in the morning and its dark by 9pm. Many of the groups we can be involved with will start up again after the summer break. Thoughts of taking up a class or simply getting more exercise may be in our minds. So the arrival of September can bring some impetus to our thoughts and daily lives. It can be a time of new beginning.

23rd-sunday1In today’s Gospel we hear the story of how Jesus healed the deaf man who also had difficulty with his speech. Jesus touched the mans ears and tongue while saying “Ephphatha” that is “Be opened”. The mans ears opened and he spoke clearly. We can only imagine the joy he must have felt. What’s unusual about todays gospel is that Jesus touched the man’s ears and his tongue. Why might this be? Well perhaps because the man was deaf he was initially unable to hear the word of Jesus. By curing him Jesus enabled his word to be heard and welcomed in faith.

We all choose to be selective in hearing what God may be saying to us in different situations, be they at home, in work, among friends. Often we don’t want to hear it because we may be challenged to take a hard look at ourselves and our lives. As we begin our journey into autumn we pray that we may be renewed by our faith - that our minds and hearts may be opened to God’s plan for each one of us in the days and months ahead.

Today we proclaim in faith ‘Lord I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof, but only say the word and my soul shall be healed’.

Fr Gerry

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