Pastors Desk: 24th Sunday in O/T

Posted 15th September 2015 in Pastor's Desk

Pastor’s Desk 13th September 2015 - 24th Sunday OT

We come to a key passage in Mark’s Gospel and a key question for today. It would be challenging for the preacher to present his/her own faith in Christ at this present mo-ment, in answer to the great question of Jesus, who do you say I am.

To help with the reflection, I quote here part of a poem by Padraig Daly OSA, taken from Poetry Review Ireland 112 “Name and Nature: who do you say I am?”

13th-sept1And, being man,

Did he think, as men and women thought, That Jonah dwelt three days within the whale, Immune to belly juices?

That devils lived flamboyantly inside the sick And, where his heart was moved to heal, Left them, yelping?

That the world soon, With hail and lightning bolt, Must end?

How did he foresee The horror of his dying, The direful future of Jerusalem?

And how much grasp unknowable God,

Bending in his flesh To pitch his tent among us?

The above was taken from the Dublin Archdiocese website under Biblical Resources. You can find other information and notes on

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