Pastors Desk: 29th Sunday in O/T - Mission Sunday

Posted 17th October 2015 in Pastor's Desk

Pastor’s Desk 18th October 2015 - 29th Sunday OT

29th-sunday1Today is World Mission Sunday. The theme of this year’s awareness campaign is ‘Abundant Life’. But what does abundant life mean? Well this can mean different things to each one of us. For the thousands of migrants trying to reach Europe it means the chance of a better life. Sadly, some have paid the ultimate price with their lives. For Christians who are persecuted for their faith it means the opportunity to practice that faith openly and freely without fear. For those living on the margins of society in means inclusion and not exclusion. It means having food to eat, somewhere to sleep and a roof over your head.

In his message for World Mission Day 2015 Pope Francis has this to say: “Every baptised person is called to bear witness to the Lord Jesus by proclaiming the faith received as a gift”. He also said “Our baptism has given us a share in the Church’s mission of evangelisation; as disciples, we are also missionaries” Today many lay women and men continue the good work started by the missionary orders in Asia, Africa and South America in years past. They are the new evangelisers of our time.

However, our faith tells us that we are all missionaries and are called to spread that gospel message of love, compassion and forgiveness to others at all times in our homes, our places of work, and our community.

Fr. Gerry

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