Pastors Desk: 2nd Sunday of Lent / C

Posted 20th February 2016 in Pastor's Desk

Pastor’s Desk 21st February 2016 - Second Sunday of Lent / C

As Christians we know that our lives are in the hands of Our Father. If we are trusting and leave everything up to him then we know our lives can be transformed. When Jesus went up the mountain with the three apostles he was transformed in front of them. We too can be changed if we surrender our lives to God.

hands-of-godAt an auction one day an old battered violin case was opened and inside was a violin with an equally battered appearance. The auctioneer asked “Am I bid five euro for this”. “One euro fifty” came the mocking reply. The bidding continued for a few minutes and it seemed that the most he was going to get for the violin was ten euro. He was about to drop his hammer for the final time when a man came forward.
He picked up the violin, tightened the strings to tune it and began to play a piece from Bach. Silence fell in the room as the bidders listened to the wonderful sound coming from the battered violin. After he finished playing nobody moved and the man returned to his place. The auctioneer resumed his final invitation for another bid but this time the bids came fast and furious. Eventually it was sold for one thousand Euro.

What appeared to be a most undistinguished instrument has now been shown in its true light when the master-player had picked it up. It was only in the hands of the master that the real worth of the violin was seen.
The same is true for us. Its only when we place our lives in the hands of Our Father that our true worth comes to light. We can be transformed, if we allow him to take charge of our life.

Fr Gerry

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