Pastor's Desk: Easter Sunday

Posted 26th March 2016 in Pastor's Desk

Pastor’s Desk 27th March 2016 - Easter Sunday

easter1The horrific tragedies this week in Buncrana and Brussels bring the preciousness of all life into perspective. One moment a family is enjoying a car drive on a day out, at the airport looking forward to a holiday or someone is on the way to work, and in an instant life changes forever.

Listening to accounts from those who witnessed the tragedy unfolding in Donegal and tried to help, you can’t but be moved by their stories. Hearing about the victims from other family members, their parish priest Fr. Paddy O’Kane and their teachers brings the sadness of the tragedy to life for us all. Listening to the brave young man Davitt Walsh who saved the little infant and tried desperately to help the others. His deep feeling of undeserved guilt that he couldn’t save more of the family. The bravery of Sean Mc Grotty who got back into the car to stay with his family and help them. A woman who has lost her partner, her children, her mother and her sister declaring that her rescued infant is now the “only reason I have to go on”.

Nothing can prepare any of us or our families if something bad was to happen to us. Our world would plunge into a seemingly never ending darkness. That must surely have been what the disciples experienced when Jesus died on the cross. But early on that Easter morning an amazing thing took place. Christ rose from the dead, altered the past and shaped the future. Nothing can ever be the same again.

Easter tells us that there is a way forward out of the darkness we all experience through life. Transformation is possible and change for the good can take place in all our lives.

Over these days we remember in prayer all those who have lost their lives in both tragedies and all who have been injured too.

May our hearts be filled with the joy of the risen Lord on this Easter day.

Fr Gerry

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