Pastors Desk: Tenth Sunday of Ordinary Time / C

Posted 4th June 2016 in Pastor's Desk

Pastor’s Desk 5th June 2016 - Tenth Sunday in Ordinary Time / C

god-of-surprisesThe Jesuit Author, Gerard W. Hughes, wrote a book called God of Surprises. It has sold 250,000 copies and has been translated into 20 languages. The book speaks about the inner spiritual journey and explains how we can find God in one of the most unlikely places, namely ourselves.

In our readings today, two very different people certainly encountered a God of Surprises. We are told in the First Reading that the Widow of Nain had her only son restored to her as a result of what seems to have been a chance encounter with Jesus. This is a moment of pure grace. Jesus does not ask anything of her, not even to repent of her sins, but grants a woman clearly in the most desperate of circumstances, the restoration of her only son to life.

And in the Second Reading, St Paul explains that he was not only indifferent to the Church, he was positively hostile to it. He tells us “You must have heard of my career as a practising Jew, how merciless I was in persecuting the Church of God”. Despite this Jesus shows him tremendous mercy and grace in a most unexpected way and he was later to become one of the central figures of the early Church.

We too should be open to such moments of grace in our own lives where God can genuinely surprise us. It may be an opportunity to experience the joy of nature and new life during the lovely sunny weather that we have been enjoying or to encounter God’s love through the support of a friend or neighbour.

I ask you to remember eight new Permanent Deacons from the Archdiocese in your prayers. Archbishop Martin will ordain them this Saturday in the Pro-Cathedral.

Deacon Gerard Reilly

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