Pastors Desk: Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time / C

Posted 18th June 2016 in Pastor's Desk

Pastor’s Desk 19th June 2016 - Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time / C

faith1“Who do you say that I am?”

St Francis of Assisi, who was a Deacon, once said:
“Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words”.

Today’s Gospel may be one of those occasions where words may be necessary. Jesus asks a question that each of us will have to answer at some point in our lives: “Who do you say that I am?”

You can imagine that if Sky News or CNN were around in the time of Jesus this is the very question that they would put to Jesus or to one of the Apostles.

“‘The Christ of God”: St Peter’s extraordinary profession of faith echoes down to us through the centuries. What would we say if we were asked the same question?

We are told in the Book of Kings that Elijah was able to identify God in a gentle breeze and, for sure, our own experience of God can be less dramatic than St Peter who knew him literally face to face. At mass, Jesus is present in the community of faith who are gathered, in the Word of God and in the Eucharist.

St Teresa of Avila tells us that she looked for God everywhere and finally found him within herself. So, let us ask ourselves today who we say Jesus is and what he means to us in the different circumstances of our own lives.

This is by no means an easy challenge to set ourselves. Archbishop Martin pointed out when speaking in Pro Cathedral this week:

“Many today find it difficult to find God because they are trapped in other alternatives, whether of their own making or because of a broader a culture which finds no need for God.”
Let us pray today that we may be given the grace to bring others to Jesus, especially those who may have lost their way or many be need of help or consolation.

Deacon Gerard Reilly

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