Pastors Desk: The Baptism of the Lord / A

Posted 7th January 2017 in Pastor's Desk

Pastor’s Desk 8th January 2017 - The Baptism of the Lord / A

bapt-of-the-lord4The Feast of the Lords Baptism marks a significant time in Jesus Life. He leaves his private life behind in Nazareth to begin his public ministry. Joining the queue of sinners, he waits to be baptised by John in the Jordan. John is reluctant to baptise him, as he was the sinless one but eventually gives in to Jesus request.

We are told that as Jesus is leaving the water something truly amazing happens. The heavens opened and God the Fathers voice echoes from above confirming ‘This is my Son, the Beloved, my favour rests on him.’ That favour is echoed in every Christian Baptism always.

Today’s feast is also a powerful reminder of the significance of the gift of Baptism that most of us received as infants. It was the beginning of our journey in faith with God and other members of the Christian family. It challenges us to live Spirit filled lives guided by God alone. It reminds us that we have responsibility to respect, love and care for our fellow humanity and the world in which we live.

Today, we have invited the families of everyone who was Baptised here in Holy Trinity in the past year to come along to the 12:30 mass and give thanks once again for the gift of faith that they have handed on or received themselves.
The New year also give us the opportunity to review our commitment to God in our lives and reflect on how that fits into the wider Christian family.

Fr Gerry