Pastor's Desk: Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted 15th July 2017 in Pastor's Desk

In place of the Pastor’s Desk this week, we include the following extract from Intercom Magazine:

The Deep End - The generous sower

Can you picture it? I love the image of Jesus sitting in a boat, addressing the crowds on the beach. He certainly knew how to hold their attention. And he knew they would understand him more clearly if he used the language of stories. Those listening would have been familiar with the cycle of planting seeds and waiting for them to produce a crop. One of the purposes of parables is to challenge the hearers to reflect and respond with faith. So this parable of the sower requires Jesus’ audience to decide what kind of soil they are. There is a message of judgment for those who are hardened like the rocky soil, and a message of hope for those who are receptive like the rich soil.

The figure of the sower is important too. The sower does not confine the seeds to soil that is fertile and ready for growth. Rather, the seeds are scattered everywhere – on the path, patches of rock, and among thorns. Jesus does not discriminate. His love is given out for all. He knows that some of it may be rejected, or accepted only on a superficial level, but he offers it anyway. That offer of love is never withdrawn. It might take a while to bear fruit, but it is always there.

‘Always there are doors that are not closed. Look for the doors that are at least a little bit open, enter and talk about common things and go on. Step by step.’ - Pope Francis

Tríona Doherty