Pastors Desk: Twenty Third Sunday in Ordinary Time / A

Posted 9th September 2017 in Pastor's Desk

Pastor’s Desk 10th September 2017 - Twenty Third Sunday in Ordinary Time / A

hands1The term ‘duty of care’ is a recent addition to our vocabulary. In the past, we may have used the word ‘responsibility’ instead. Today we can say that parents have a duty of care to their children. Similarly, teachers have a responsibility for the children in their class. Anyone in a caring profession has a ‘duty of care’ to anyone whose health or wellbeing has been entrusted to them.

On a personal level for example, if we are in company with someone who wants to drive home after consuming alcohol we will try to stop them as they could cause serious injury or even death to themselves, other road users and pedestrians. We do this out of a common notion of a duty of care we should have for each other.

In today’s Gospel Jesus reminds those listening that the welfare of all members of the community, the strong and the weak, is paramount. He tells them that it’s important that they support each other and even be prepared to speak out if any of them is going down the wrong path in life. These words or actions should not be motivated by any sense of malice or some previously held grudge, but simply out of love.

Of course, the chances are that we will be accused of interfering in the lives of our family and friends and we risk losing a long-established friendship, but it’s a risk we must take when it’s needed. And we do this out of genuine love and concern. That must be our guiding principle in all we say and do, always.

Lord, keep us sensitive to one another’s needs as we live our lives together.

Fr Gerry