Pastors Desk: Twenty Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time / A

Posted 7th October 2017 in Pastor's Desk

Pastor’s Desk 8th October 2017 - Twenty Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time / A

gods-vineyardThe first reading today from Isaiah and the gospel from Matthew use the image of a vineyard to illustrate their message. Isaiah speaks of the love that his friend has for his vineyard and how he tends it with loving care on the fertile hillside. Isaiah is really using this story to warn the Israelites that they were going wrong. That they, the chosen people, were ignoring God their Father and needed to change their ways.

St. Paul gives words of support and encouragement when he urges those listening ‘not to worry’ and to ask God for anything they need in prayer but also give thanks when it is due. He tells them they must fill their minds with noble thoughts and deeds and if they do then the God of peace will be with them guiding and directing them in all matters.

The chief priests and elders were not too impressed by the parable in today’s gospel. They thought that all was well between themselves and God but now they are being criticised for their actions. Ironically this was not the first time they had heard Jesus speak. Like many others they had heard him before. But while many had grown in faith by listening to what Jesus had to say and changed their attitudes, the Pharisees had not budged one millimetre.

We can all come to mass each week and listen to God’s word but like the Pharisees we can fail to listen or embrace any of the challenges the scriptures set before us. We all need to take heed of the warnings from Isaiah, St. Paul and Jesus and apply them to our own lives. If we respond to those challenges then we are like the good tenants in God’s vineyard.

Fr Gerry