Pastors Desk: First Sunday of Advent / B

Posted 2nd December 2017 in Pastor's Desk

advent4Pastor’s Desk 3rd December 2017 - First Sunday of Advent / B

Today we celebrate the first day of the new year in the Liturgical life of the church. The beginning of Advent also marks the start of our journey through the holy season in preparation for our celebration of Christmas in just 4 weeks. With the commercial side of the season in full swing, Advent also affords us the space to pause and take stock of our relationship with God and invite him to enter our lives once again if we have lost touch with him over time.

The core message of all of today’s readings is Jesus’ warning that we need to be alert and prepared because Christ’s second coming, which will coincide with the end of the world, can occur at any time.

In the second reading today St. Paul reminds the Corinthians that they are not ready to face the day of the Lord yet because they were misusing the gifts of the Holy Spirit. They were to be used for the good of the community and not to destroy it like some of them had been doing. Mark used these words of Paul years later in Rome to remind his community to ‘Be constantly on their guard and stay awake’ for the return of the appointed one at any time. The reward or punishment for their actions or inactions is certain.

So, listening to what Isaiah, Paul and Mark have to say to us today, let us use these four weeks wisely. Then we may be in a better position to celebrate the Feast of Christ’s birth.

Fr Gerry