Pastor's Desk: Third Sunday of Advent / B

Posted 16th December 2017 in Pastor's Desk

3rd-sunday-adventToday is called ‘Gaudete Sunday’ to remind us that we are preparing for a very joyful occasion in the birth of Jesus. On our Advent wreath we light the rose-coloured candle and the priest will wear the rose-coloured Chasuble or vestment.

The common theme of the scripture readings today is one of joy and encouragement. They urge us to make the preparations required of us as we await the birth of Jesus into our hearts and lives. It is Jesus coming, in the past, present and future that is the reason for our rejoicing.

In today’s gospel we hear how John was sent to be a witness who would speak for the Light. The authorities in Jerusalem were watching closely what he was doing and saying with interest and some concern. However, they concluded that John’s ‘baptism rite’ was only a ‘symbolic action’ similar to their own rites of purification symbolising a return to God before the promised Messiah arrived in their midst.

Through baptism we are called to bear witness to Christ the Light. Jesus told us that ‘we are the light of the world’. So, we are to reflect that light to others. These days of Advent can be filled with lots of stress, with poverty and loneliness very often highlighted in the run up to Christmas. We are challenged to show generosity and bring Jesus into other people’s lives.

Fr. Gerry