Pastors Desk: Second Sunday in Ordinary Time/B

Posted 13th January 2018 in Pastor's Desk

helping-handsPastor’s Desk 14th January 2017 - Second Sunday in Ordinary Time / B
“We have found the Messiah”

People often talk about the importance of having a mentor. Someone who will inspire and help us, often at an important or challenging part of our life’s journey.

This may be a family member, perhaps an uncle or aunt. It may be a teacher or work colleague who may have been particularly helpful to us when giving advice about our careers. Or perhaps a priest or nun or lay person who has inspired us on our journey of faith.

We can see a number of mentors at work in today’s readings. Eli is advising Samuel about the meaning of God’s call in the first reading and, in our Gospel today, we see John the Baptist directing his disciples to Jesus. Later in the reading, Andrew having found Jesus goes and tells his brother Peter “We have found the Messiah” in a wonderful moment of revelation.

So, here we have three mentors, Eli, John the Baptist and Andrew helping other people on their journey of faith by showing them the way to God.

In our lives, we may have opportunities to show Jesus to those we meet in the different circumstances of our lives. Saint of Francis of Assisi once said to preach the gospel and to use words if necessary. In other words, the example of how we live our lives can be at least as important to others as the words that we speak.

There can be many opportunities for us to share our faith and to encourage our family, friends, neighbours, colleagues and fellow students. It may be a supportive word at a difficult moment, a practical gesture of help, giving time to listen to someone who comes to us for advice or simply be present and attentive to the person we are speaking to.

Let us pray in the coming week that we will be able to share our faith and insights on life with those in need of our guidance and support in whatever circumstances we may encounter them.

Deacon Gerard Reilly