Pastors Desk: The Baptism of the Lord / B

Posted 6th January 2018 in Pastor's Desk

Pastor’s Desk 7th January 2017 - The Baptism of the Lord / B

bapt-of-the-lord5Shortly after most of us were born, our parents chose to give us the gift of faith through the sacrament of Baptism. That priceless gift is one we carry with us throughout our lives. Today is a day to reflect on our own baptism.

For 30 years Jesus lived a quiet life in Nazareth with Mary and Joseph. He didn’t need to be baptised but was perhaps waiting for a sign that he had been called to do something more important in life. He had heard that his cousin John was Baptising. So, he left his old life and is changed from being a carpenter to being a preacher, teacher and healer. In today’s gospel, at Jesus’ baptism, we hear how the heavens are torn apart, with the Spirit, like a Dove, descending on him. Then the voice from heaven declares ‘this is my Son, the Beloved; my favour rests on him’. That favour is echoed in every Christian baptism always.

Nothing quite so dramatic happens when we are baptised. But it is the significant beginning of our journey through life as a Christian. Baptism is like a crossroads in life when we must make that daily choice between one path to go our own way, or another that’s focused on the way of Christ. Very often we may find ourselves returning to the crossroads having to make that choice repeatedly. It’s a continual growth process.

The new year also gives us the opportunity to review our commitment to God in our lives and reflect on how it fits into the society we live in.

Fr Gerry