Pastors Desk: Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time / B

Posted 3rd February 2018 in Pastor's Desk

Pastor’s Desk 4th February 2018 - Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time / B

jesus-healing-motherIn the television series ‘The Meaning of Life’ the actor Stephen Fry, who is an atheist, caused some controversy when during the interview, Gay Byrne asked him what he would say to God at the gates of heaven, should he have gotten it wrong and this all be true. His immediate response was, I would say to him (God) ‘How dare you, how dare you create a world to which there is so much misery that is not our fault…’ These words were regarded as blasphemous by some and made headlines for some time after.

Today, we hear how Jesus goes with James and John to Simon and Andrew’s house. He heard that Simon’s mother-in-law was unwell. As he enters and takes her by the hand we are told that the fever leaves her, and she is well once again. Rather than rest, she immediately begins to wait on all those around her. Having been healed by Jesus she feels called to minister to others and share her experience of being cured of her illness.

The presence of sickness and pain in society can often cause us to question or doubt God’s love or his very existence. Our faith can be tested or even disappear entirely in the aftermath of a major tragic event we witness personally or see and hear of in the media. In today’s story we see through Jesus’ healing of the sick who were brought to him that God is not indifferent to suffering in the world.

Fr Gerry