Pastors Desk: First Sunday of Lent / B

Posted 17th February 2018 in Pastor's Desk

Pastor’s Desk 18th February 2018 - First Sunday of Lent / B

1st-sunday-of-lent1In most bookshops you’ll find a selection of titles written by a wide range of authors who have taken time off or left their career behind to go in search of something that has been missing from life until then. The Camino de Santiago (Way of Saint James) which has become very popular in recent years, is full of walkers who are journeying in search of a new direction or meaning in their lives. The ‘Way’ or walk is taken by people of all faiths and none alike.

In scripture, there are many stories of Jesus leaving the disciples and taking time to go away to be alone. Today we hear how soon after his own baptism he is led by the Spirit out into the wilderness and remains there for forty days. In that time, we learn how he is tempted and tested by Satan but protected by the angels. When he enters Galilee after John has been arrested his message is clear for all. ‘The time has come’. That time is now.

On Wednesday we were all invited to begin our Lenten journey in preparation for our forthcoming celebration of Easter. The priest placed the ashes on our foreheads and used words like those in today’s gospel ‘repent and believe in the Gospel’ or ‘good news’. That call challenges each of us to make use of this time wisely and draw closer to God perhaps by time spent each day in prayer and quiet reflection.

Today’s readings all challenge us to firstly turn towards God and then towards others with renewed faith and courage.

Fr Gerry