Pastors Desk: Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time/B

Posted 10th February 2018 in Pastor's Desk

Pastor’s Desk 11th February 2018 - Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time / B

faith-healingThe scripture readings at daily mass have been full of stories of Jesus healing people, restoring them to health or casting out devils.

In our first reading we have an account from the Book of Leviticus of the man who is leprous. For fear that he will spread the disease to others, he is ostracised from society and forced to live a life in isolation from his family and his community.

We have a similar story in today’s Gospel, except this man came to Jesus and pleaded to be cured. Jesus is moved by the man’s condition and stretches out his hand, touches him and he is well again. Normally a healthy person didn’t touch someone with leprosy because it usually meant that they became infected too, so for Jesus to physically touch him was very significant. The man is cured instantly and is told to go away and tell no one what has happened. Naturally, the man is so happy to be well again that he can’t contain himself and begins to tell his story everywhere.

We all need healing of one sort or another in our lives. It may be a physical healing from some painful condition we endure daily, healing of the mind, or of the spirit. We may have become isolated from family, friends or society by choices we have made or directions we have taken in life. Sometimes however, it’s not always evident to us that we need to be relieved of whatever it is that’s preventing us from living a better and more fruitful life.

May our hearts always be touched so that we too reach out our hand to the broken and alienated among us.

Fr Gerry