Pastors Desk: Palm Sunday / B

Posted 24th March 2018 in Pastor's Desk

palm-sunday1Pastor’s Desk 25th March 2018 - Palm (Passion) Sunday / B

Today we begin our Solemn journey through Holy Week. We celebrate both Palm Sunday and Passion Sunday. It is a day of glory and impending tragedy.
At the beginning of mass today we first hear of Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem and how he was welcomed by his admirers and followers. This is then contrasted by our Gospel reading of The Passion which culminates in Jesus’ crucifixion.

The week ahead can challenge us to remember and relive those decisive events in the life of Christians. They allow us to experience here and now what Jesus went through and hopefully help us to appreciate the enormous price that Jesus paid for our salvation.

By looking at the different characters or players we can be challenged to examine our lives. Do we identify with Peter who denied ever knowing Jesus, Judas who betrayed him, Pilate who went against his own conscience, are we sometimes like Herod who mocked and treated Jesus with scorn or one of the leaders in the wider community who conspired to get rid of Jesus by inciting some members of the crowd in order to protect their privileged position?

Suffering is part of the human condition. This week provides us with the opportunity to reflect on the difficulties that life has sent our way and any cross we may have to bear personally. We ask the Lord to help us to carry those crosses with dignity and never lose sight that he is always with us during our suffering and pain.

May we always remain faithful to the cross in our daily lives.

Fr Gerry