Pastors Desk: Second Sunday of Easter / B

Posted 7th April 2018 in Pastor's Desk

Pastor’s Desk 8th April 2018 - Second Sunday of Easter (Divine Mercy Sunday) /B

2-sun-of-easter1Today the disciples are locked in the room for fear that the Jews would find them, and they might suffer a fate like Jesus. After Jesus’ death they were disheartened and unsure of the future. They had thought he would always be with them and now he was gone. Their vision for the future had been shattered.

Then, something amazing happens. Jesus comes and stands among them. His reassuring greeting is ‘Peace be with you’ and they are immediately filled with joy. You can imagine how their hearts must have felt at that moment. A combination of amazement and perhaps fear surely.

At that point he commissions or challenges them to leave this place of safety and go out to bring his message of forgiveness of sins to all they meet. To help them in their ministry he gives them the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Thomas, we hear, is not there when Jesus initially appears to them and he does not believe the others when they tell him they have seen him. He lays down the conditions under which he will accept that Jesus is risen. Some days later Jesus reappears and finally Thomas believes.

Thomas surely felt that way because of his life experiences. Sometimes life can do the same to us. We may lose faith that God exists or that he is listening to our prayer when we experience health problems or have lost a loved one.

Today we pray that the Spirit of the Risen Christ may strengthen our hearts and minds to follow him in faith each day.

Fr Gerry