Pastors Desk: Feast of the Most Holy Trinity / B

Posted 26th May 2018 in Pastor's Desk

Pastor’s Desk 27th May 2018 - The Most Holy Trinity / B

holy-trinity4This weekend we have the fifth and final First Communion ceremony in our Parish grouping. Over the last month on each school day the children have come to the Church to practice for their special day. They have rehearsed over and over how to come forward with symbols and gifts, the scripture readings, the hymns, where to stand etc.

As they practice the correct way to come forward to receive on their First Communion day it is often amusing to see them struggle to bless themselves correctly after they have received for the first time and before they move away from the altar. No matter how many times teachers go through it with them it can be very confusing.

Blessing ourselves before and after prayer is something most of us have been doing since childhood. Perhaps we do it so often we might fail to recognise its importance. As we gather at the beginning of mass we bless ourselves ‘in the Name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit’ and as we depart the priest imparts a blessing in the name of that same Trinity.

Understanding the Blessed Trinity is one of the most difficult areas of Christian belief to understand. The method used by Saint Patrick, using the three leaves of the shamrock, is probably the best-known attempt to explain it to our human minds.

We should never look on the Trinity as a problem to be solved or something to test our faith. Whenever we make the sign of the cross as we bless ourselves, we express our faith, invoking the name of the one God who is love.

Fr Gerry