Pastors Desk: Sixth Sunday of Easter / B

Posted 5th May 2018 in Pastor's Desk

Pastor’s Desk 6th May 2018 - Sixth Sunday of Easter /B

love-one-another3Love is one of those words which has a wide application today. It can be used simply to refer to a love of a sport, food, music, a favourite holiday destination etc. However, in today’s Gospel Jesus is clear when he tells his disciples that it is the love of their fellow man which should be central to their lives and that they would be judged on the amount of love they had shown at the end of time.

The first place we learned about love was as children in our family homes. It was there that we experienced the love of our parents, grandparents, siblings and extended family members. It was also here that we learned what it meant to forgive and be forgiven. The guiding principle in all of these matters was the core message of Love and respect for others.

The final words of today’s gospel passage couldn’t be more challenging or blunt: ‘What I command you is to love one another’. But carrying out this commandment to love in all situations in life is not easy, as we are all aware. The model and example for this unconditional love comes to us from the one that Christ has shown for us on the cross. It follows from this that we share that experience of his love with others by giving them the respect they deserve. Wherever there is love, God is truly present.

Lord fill our hearts with your love so that we may always live in a way that pleases you.

Fr Gerry