Pastors Desk: The Ascension of the Lord / B

Posted 12th May 2018 in Pastor's Desk

Pastor’s Desk 13th May 2018 - The Ascension of the Lord/B

ascensionParents, teachers and coaches will always tell you that perseverance always pays off in the end. If we apply ourselves to study and revision, then our results will be good. Our prospects for employment, the future etc. will increase significantly. Similarly, in sport for example, if we work hard at the training, we can become a great footballer, hurler, swimmer, runner or other type of athlete on the world stage.

Today we hear how Jesus appeared to the Eleven. With their period of training now over, Jesus tells the disciples that their mission has begun, and he challenges them to go forth into a world that might he hostile to the message they have to share. They might have to face much opposition, hostility and even danger.

The disciples must have felt saddened and disappointed that Jesus was now leaving them alone for a second time. Jesus understood it was important that they did not become discouraged by the reaction of some non-believers to their message. To help them in their task the disciples received the gift of perseverance through the Holy Spirit. Their task of spreading the word was never going to be simple and needed much patience, courage and faith. But, the amazing power of the Spirit is endless and is with us in all our endeavours and the love of God that is constantly pouring into our world can’t ever be stopped.

Victory over evil is being achieved and was achieved by Jesus through his death and resurrection and continues to be won through his power at work in the world each day.

Fr Gerry