Pastors Desk: The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ / B

Posted 2nd June 2018 in Pastor's Desk

Pastor’s Desk 3rd June 2018 - The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ (Corpus Christi)/B

corpus-christi3Today we celebrate the Feast of The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ or Corpus Christi as it is more widely known.

The readings at Sunday masses follow a three-year cycle and each year there is a different theme for today’s feast. In this year ‘cycle B’ the emphasis is on the Eucharist as a sign of the covenant between God and humanity. It was Pope Urban IV who first extended the feast to the church worldwide during his own Pontificate.

During the offertory procession the grains of wheat that have been ground into flour and now made into bread and the grapes which have crushed to make the wine are brought forward for consecration. Our Lord chose these elements to show us that we need that essential connection with each other to allow the Holy Spirit to transform our lives. Christ is the head and we are the body. But together we are one. As Christians, today’s feast teaches us the importance of community.

Over the last four weeks, children from five of the eight schools in our parish grouping have received their First Communion. Today is an opportunity for us to reflect on the meaning of our own experience of that special day when each of us was called to the table of the Lord to receive the Eucharist for the first time.

May we celebrate this feast, not only today, but as often as possible when we come to mass and receive these gifts that have been freely given to us.

Fr Gerry