Pastors Desk: Twenty Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time/B

Posted 15th September 2018 in Pastor's Desk

Pastor’s Desk 16th September 2018 - Twenty Forth Sunday in Ordinary Time/B

24th-sundayUntil now the disciples had been amazed by the miracles Jesus had performed. In the gospel today, they finally come to recognise who Jesus really is.

After they leave the villages around Caesarea Philippi he eventually puts the question to the disciples ‘who do people say that in am’ - put even more simply ‘what is the public opinion about me’. They give the many different interpretations of what people are saying and then Jesus finally asks, but what about you all. What do you think? What’s your opinion?

It is Peter who speaks up on their behalf. He gives a definitive answer ‘You are the Christ’. It’s worth noting that Jesus ordered them not to tell anyone what they had ultimately determined about him.

Then Jesus begins to tell the disciples what was going to happen to him. He predicts the suffering of the cross. Peter is uncomfortable with the prospect of suffering in his own life and challenges Jesus. Jesus’ immediate reaction is to refer to Peter as Satan, telling him that his thinking or understanding of things are ‘not God’s way but man’s.’

Throughout history suffering has been part of life. The age-old problem of why people suffer has challenged many minds down the centuries but has never been satisfactorily resolved for most. Even though many books have been written on the subject, each one offering different perspectives, none have been able to offer an overall understanding on why suffering exists in the first place.

What Jesus did was to give suffering meaning and value by filling it with his presence. He showed us how to put the crosses that come our way to good use.

Fr. Gerry