Pastors Desk: Twenty Second Sunday in Ordinary Time/B

Posted 1st September 2018 in Pastor's Desk

Pastor’s Desk 2nd September 2018 - Twenty Second Sunday in Ordinary Time/B

faith-familyAfter all the big build up and following years of preparation the World Meeting of Families has taken place. We have all eagerly listened to what Pope Francis had to say on many issues of family, faith and the issues around abuse and the hurt that it has caused to so many over the generations. Some have commented that Pope Francis didn’t go far enough in apologising for these awful crimes against innocent victims. I am sure much will continue to be written and debated on these matters in the weeks and months ahead.┬áThere is a danger that the real reason for the gathering will be overshadowed by the need to address these serious issues once and for all.

Ultimately, the gathering was a celebration of families, family life and our Catholic, Christian faith. The family we were born into and the family of faith that we have been baptised into. In each of these families we should be nurtured and cherished and allowed to reach our full potential in life. In our families we learn the power of forgiveness, to offer it and receive it. We should also receive it in a compassionate and forgiving church.

We continue to pray for all families, especially where there is difficulty, homelessness, sickness or addiction.

Fr. Gerry

P.S. This week’s Irish Catholic has a special souvenir edition celebrating the visit of Pope Francis, it has many good articles and lots of photographs - well worth purchasing a copy.