Pastors Desk: Twenty Third Sunday in Ordinary Time/B

Posted 8th September 2018 in Pastor's Desk

Pastor’s Desk 9th September 2018 - Twenty Third Sunday in Ordinary Time/B

jesus-and-deaf-manToday we have the account of the deaf man who was brought to Jesus.

Some of the crowd gathered had seen Jesus performing miracles elsewhere. They asked Jesus to simply lay his hands on the man. Jesus takes him away from the crowd and in an elaborate way touches his ears and tongue, while looking up to heaven he prays the ‘Ephphatha’ prayer. Immediately the man’s gift of speech and hearing is restored.

With the introduction of the new GDPR legislation there has been a big rush from companies, banks, supermarkets, service providers, any organisation or institution that stores our personal data or information on us to assure us that it is held in a secure and safe manner. We now can see what that information is, and have it removed if we wish. The right to privacy has become a hot topic of discussion in recent weeks. Ironically, although some post information about their lives on social media daily they can also have an exaggerated privacy on another level. This exaggerated privacy can also be used as an excuse for inaction on different levels of society.

We take the gift of hearing and speech so much for granted. We are challenged to give voice to the voiceless, the needy and the marginalised in society. Sometimes, in families, we fail to use our gift of speech to utter words of encouragement, of hope and thanks or maybe we have kept silent when we should have spoken the truth.

May the words of Jesus, ‘Ephphatha - be opened’ resonate in our world so that we may give our hearts to him and he can touch the lives of people in our day through us.

Fr. Gerry