Pastors Desk: Thirty First Sunday in Ordinary Time/B

Posted 3rd November 2018 in Pastor's Desk

Pastor’s Desk 4th November 2018 - Thirty First Sunday in Ordinary Time/B

gospel-living1In our Gospel today, Jesus sets out clearly the guidelines for good Christian living.

To the Scribes, the Law of Moses was the greatest, fullest and most perfect revelation of God’s will in the world. So, when one of them comes forward and asks him which of the commandments is first Jesus is quick to reply. The first is that the Lord our God is the one Lord and we must love him with all our hearts. The second is to love our neighbour as ourselves. The Scribe is quick to commend Jesus for his reply, claiming that to live according to these core values was far better than any holocaust or sacrifice that was common practice of the Jews at that time.

This commandment to love our neighbour is difficult to observe and often far removed from the reality we all find ourselves in. It was hard for the Jews in Jesus’ time because only a fellow-Jew who observed the Law of Moses was to be considered a friend.

Living out that commandment to love is very difficult to do even in our families. Our home life is often far from the harmonious environment we all think exists in the house next door or across the road. We can take each other for granted. Words often said but never meant to hurt can and do just that. We need to admit our failings and ask forgiveness of those we have offended.

Finally, if we are going to love God with all our heart, soul, mind and spirit, then we are going to have to place his will ahead of our own.

Fr. Gerry