Pastors Desk: Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time / C

Posted 9th February 2019 in Pastor's Desk

Pastor’s Desk 10th February 2019 - Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time/C

simonWhen we buy fresh fish in the shop or pick it up from the frozen section in the supermarket we rarely if ever think about the hard work that’s gone into catching and processing it so that we can enjoy it at mealtime.

I discovered recently that fish don’t come to the surface during daylight - preferring instead to stay on the bottom of the ocean. As a seasoned fisherman Simon knew this but against his better judgement he decides to follow Jesus’ request and he ‘pays out the nets’. We hear of his reaction when the nets are full, and the two boats are filled almost to sinking point. He is astounded because they had been fishing all day and caught nothing until now.

However, this time his faith and perseverance are rewarded with this bumper catch. He is overcome and begins to feel that he is unworthy. He tells Jesus ‘Leave me Lord, I am a sinful man’.

What happened to Simon is what happens to us. When we recognise our own sinfulness Christ’s power becomes available to us and it helps to make us stronger individuals so that we can offer ourselves to others in his service with all our faults and failings. We can become ambassadors of God’s mercy to others. There are times when we are called to change direction in life and often journey into the unknown. To meet that challenge we need to have that trust and faith that Simon had.

Fr. Gerry