Pastors Desk: Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time/C

Posted 2nd February 2019 in Pastor's Desk

Pastor’s Desk 3rd February 2019 - Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time/C

good-news1At the beginning of Jesus’ ministry, he was received with great approval by all. People came from far and wide just to hear what he had to say. However, they eventually realised that what he had to say was directed towards them individually and their lives. Their reaction is not surprising when they began to say ‘who is he to start telling us how to live our lives - after all we know his family, he is one of our own.’ But Jesus didn’t come along just to be popular. He came to preach the Good News regardless of how it would be received.

We are all called to preach that Good News. Very often what we have to say may not be received well by those hearing it. That is especially the case when it’s a family member or someone close who is listening to us. Instead of listening and maybe taking on board what we have to say they can often come back with the retort ‘who are you to tell me what to do’ or ‘you should sort out your own life first’. That may be the case. Maybe our own lives may not be perfect? Maybe we could be doing better. But God chooses to speak to all of us in some of the most unlikely settings and individuals.

Today we pray that we may always have the wisdom and the knowledge to listen more closely, with open hearts and minds to what is being said to us by others.

Fr. Gerry