Pastors Desk: Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time / C

Posted 16th February 2019 in Pastor's Desk

Pastor’s Desk 17th February 2019 - Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time/C

beatitudeToday the core message in our readings is that our true happiness lies in the awareness that we are all children of a loving Father in heaven and that our happiness will only grow when we share our blessings with our Sisters and Brothers. Another word for ‘beatitude’ could be ‘blessedness’ in that we enjoy both God’s favour and true happiness as a result of all our actions done in his name.

In Luke’s account in today’s gospel what Jesus was trying to do is contradict the idea of real happiness found in Jewish culture at that time and indeed in our modern society, where wealth, health, power and influence are seen by many as the true beatitudes. The trouble with this reliance on such material resources to bring happiness is that, in the final analysis, it does not work. Jesus warns that putting our trust in material comforts alone will lead to a misplaced confidence.

The message of hope today is that despite the failure of society to share the good things of this world more fairly, God loves each one equally and cares for each uniquely. We are all created to share God’s joy with others by responding to their needs as best we can in a variety of situations each day.

Of course, all of this requires courage on our part. Today, and every Sunday we pray that it will be nourished by listening to God’s word and by receiving the Eucharist.

Fr. Gerry