Pastor's Desk: Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time /C

Posted 2nd March 2019 in Pastor's Desk

Pastor’s Desk 3rd March 2019 - Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time /C

goodIn today’s readings, Jesus offers us several practical points for Christian living and challenges us to use our words as he used his in his preaching and healing ministry.

Our first reading from the Book of Ecclesiasticus teaches that a person’s true character is revealed through their speech and so we should listen carefully to what they say before we praise them. It tells us that the quality of the fruit from the tree in the orchard will depend on the care it has had. So, to become a good tree in God’s garden we must produce the fruits of the Holy Spirit.

In today’s gospel Jesus asks the disciples if one blind man can lead another safely. Surely, they will both fall into the pit together he declares. Or what about the man with log in his eye trying to remove a tiny speck from another’s eye. Surely, he won’t have much success?

We all find it so easy to point out each other’s faults and failings and neglect to see our own. Just how dangerous it is to pass judgement on others stands at the heart of the gospel message. Jesus was never judgemental but always used words to heal, restore and bring back life, joy and hope to people. When we try to imitate Jesus’ example of good living, we are often hampered by the judgemental attitudes that can take root in our lives.

We should always remember that when we point the finger at someone there are three fingers pointing towards ourselves!

Fr. Gerry