Pastors Desk: Fourth Sunday of Advent / B

Posted 23rd December 2017 in Pastor's Desk

Pastor’s Desk 24th December 2017

christmas-treeThere is hardly a day goes by that we don’t hear or read something about the effects of homelessness in the country. From families living in hotels or hostels to those who are sleeping rough in doorways in city centres. The politicians on all sides seek to score points off each other by criticising their opposing numbers’ policies on social housing etc. Local authorities throughout the country are in the line of fire, rightly or wrongly, for not doing more to provide homes for those who are vulnerable in society.

The story of homelessness goes back to the first Christmas and beyond. Mary and Joseph had the bitter experience of having doors closed in their faces when they sought shelter. Perhaps the innkeepers thought they might get a better rent from the next person. Something that may resonate with some of us today. Eventually it would be the animals who would give up their manger for the child Jesus.

Today, as we kneel before the Crib and offer a prayer to the Infant Jesus we think of those are homeless or sleeping rough at this Christmastime. We remember the members of our families who are no longer with us, those who grieve their loss and find the going tough as a result of their absence. We think of families in war-torn parts of the world whose only Christmas wish might be that their children may grow up safely in a world wherholly1e there is peace and respect for the dignity of all human life.

May Christ fill all our hearts and homes with his love at this Christmastime.

Fr. Gerry

Pastor's Desk: Third Sunday of Advent / B

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3rd-sunday-adventToday is called ‘Gaudete Sunday’ to remind us that we are preparing for a very joyful occasion in the birth of Jesus. On our Advent wreath we light the rose-coloured candle and the priest will wear the rose-coloured Chasuble or vestment.

The common theme of the scripture readings today is one of joy and encouragement. They urge us to make the preparations required of us as we await the birth of Jesus into our hearts and lives. It is Jesus coming, in the past, present and future that is the reason for our rejoicing.

In today’s gospel we hear how John was sent to be a witness who would speak for the Light. The authorities in Jerusalem were watching closely what he was doing and saying with interest and some concern. However, they concluded that John’s ‘baptism rite’ was only a ‘symbolic action’ similar to their own rites of purification symbolising a return to God before the promised Messiah arrived in their midst.

Through baptism we are called to bear witness to Christ the Light. Jesus told us that ‘we are the light of the world’. So, we are to reflect that light to others. These days of Advent can be filled with lots of stress, with poverty and loneliness very often highlighted in the run up to Christmas. We are challenged to show generosity and bring Jesus into other people’s lives.

Fr. Gerry

Christmas Timetable

Posted 11th December 2017 in Announcements

The parish Christmas Timetable has been published, and the Christmas issue of Trinity News, which includes the parish timetable and the times of Christmas Masses in neighbouring parishes, is available to download.

Pastors Desk: Second Sunday of Advent / B

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Pastor’s Desk 10th December 2017 - Second Sunday of Advent / B

2nd-sunday-advent2In our first reading today, the prophet Isaiah refers to a voice crying in the wilderness, urging those listening to ‘prepare in the wilderness a way for the Lord’. He adds that God is a shepherd who will gather and protect his sheep always. In our gospel, Mark also refers to this statement by Isaiah and adds that he will also send a messenger to prepare a way for the Lord.

So, this season of Advent is really all about preparing or clearing a way for the Lord in our own lives. It allows us time to reflect and prepare our lives spiritually for the forthcoming season. We can all be so busy preparing for Christmas on many levels. Many families and individuals experience extra pressure on many fronts and its so easy to lose sight of the real meaning of Christmas.

Next Sunday, the 3rd Sunday of Advent, an annual event takes place in St. Peter’s Square. For the last 30 years it’s become a tradition for children to bring their ‘Bambinelli’, the figurines of the baby Jesus from their cribs at home, to be blessed by the Holy Father after the Angelus that day. The figurines are held high for the blessing and are brought back home, wrapped or simply placed under the Christmas tree until Christmas Eve when they are placed in the family crib to mark the birth of the baby Jesus. If you’d like to have the figure of the infant Jesus from your own crib blessed you can simply bring it along to any mass here in Holy Trinity or in St. Paul’s next Sunday 17th when the blessing will take place during all masses.

Today’s gospel challenges us to prepare a way for the Lord by keeping hope alive in our hearts.

Fr Gerry

Feast of the Immaculate Conception

Posted 4th December 2017 in Ceremonies

On Friday 8th December we will celebrate the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Our Lady. Masses in Holy Trinity will be as follows:

Vigil Mass on Thursday 7th December at 6.30pm.

Mass on Friday 8th December at 10.00am.