Pastors Desk: Fourth Sunday of Advent / A

Posted 21st December 2019 in Pastor's Desk

Pastor’s Desk 22nd December 2019 - Fourth Sunday of Advent/A

xmas-tree1Contracts are an important part of life today. The most familiar ones we know are the ones for utilities, like gas and electricity or television and internet. They, like mobile phone service providers, want us to sign up for a period to avail of some special rate or package. Marriage is another contract that is often under pressure in society. Sometimes walking away seems like the only option. Today’s story about Joseph and Mary may give hope to couples facing a similar difficulty.

The discovery that Mary was pregnant would have presented Joseph with a dilemma. As a devout Jew, he knew that per the letter of the law he could not proceed with the marriage. He was caught between keeping God’s law and his love for Mary and doing what was right for her. Then Joseph has a dream. We are told that ‘an angel of the Lord’ appears and tells Joseph ‘not to be afraid to take Mary as his wife’ because she has conceived her child by the Holy Spirit and he must be called Jesus. He will be the one to save his people from their sins. So out of his initial thoughts of scandal and shame, Joseph discovers that this is all part of God’s plan for the salvation of the world.holly1

Mary and Joseph are an inspiration to us all, especially in times of doubt and stress: Joseph, even though he would have initially found it difficult, for welcoming all that was happening as an opportunity for increasing in holiness; and Mary for her acceptance of all that was to happen to her as part of God’s plan for all of humanity.

May we never lose sight of the fact, Emmanuel… God is with us. Always!

Fr. Gerry

Pastors Desk: Third Sunday of Advent/A

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Pastor’s Desk 15th December 2019 - Third Sunday of Advent/A

3rd-sunday-of-advent1Today, the Third Sunday of Advent, we celebrate Gaudete Sunday. Today we light the pink or rose-coloured candle on our Advent Wreath as a sign of our Joy in the Lord.

While he is in prison, John hears about the work that Jesus is doing. Typical of his outspokenness, he sends one of the disciples to ask Jesus directly if he is the one they have been waiting for, or will it be someone else in the future. Jesus’ reply is equally forthcoming. He tells the disciples to go back and tell John what they have seen and heard themselves. People who were blind can now see, some have had their hearing restored, lepers are healed, and the dead are raised to life once more. He basically tells John ‘Judge for yourself’ adding the line ‘Happy is the one who does not lose faith in me’. John rightly concludes from that answer that Jesus was indeed the long-awaited Messiah.

The season of Advent is a time for each one of us to assess the impact this has on our lives as followers. It’s that time of good will towards others, especially those who may be less fortunate than we are. Jesus always had great care for those living on the ‘margins’ of society. He embraces wounded hearts and bruised souls. His work continues throughout time through us, his followers.

In these weeks of preparation for Christmas may our deeds of kindness make Christ’s presence felt in a special way in the lives of others.

Fr. Gerry

Christmas Carol Service

Posted 12th December 2019 in Events

The Holy Trinity Parish Choir will have their annual Christmas Carol Service this Sunday 15th December at 5pm. Please join us in our celebration of our most popular Christmas carols. All very welcome.

Advent Penitential Service

Posted 12th December 2019 in Ceremonies

Our Advent Penitential Service (Sacrament of Reconciliation) will be held on Tuesday 17th December at 7.30pm in Holy Trinity Church. All are welcome.

Pastors Desk: Second Sunday of Advent/A

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Pastor’s Desk 8th December 2019 - Second Sunday of Advent/A

2nd-sunday-of-adventToday, the call of both Isaiah and of John the Baptist is “Prepare a way for the Lord”. We are challenged to sweep away the mountains of sin, fill in the valleys of evil that cover our world.

As we continue our journey through this season of Advent, we are encouraged to take stock of our lives and to ask ourselves how best we can prepare spiritually for the forthcoming season of Christmas. We can be so busy preparing for Christmas on many levels, but the most important thing for all followers is to make space for the Lord to come into our hearts, to heal those parts of our lives that need it.

Families are also under extra pressure on many levels right now, with additional financial burdens and homelessness for example. In those situations, it’s so easy to lose hope that things will improve in the foreseeable future and that Christmas will be happy and a peaceful time for all.

Today’s Gospel challenges us to prepare a way for the Lord by keeping hope alive in our hearts.

Fr. Gerry

Today we have the annual indoor Christmas collection for the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. It replaces the usual Share collection. It is our opportunity to support the work of our local Conference of the Society as they reach out to the most vulnerable in our community on our behalf.