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Trinity Youth Services (TYS) has been in existence since 1990, largely due to a group of local residents who worked selflessly to ensure that the young people of their community got and continue to get the support that they deserve. This support comes in the form of non-formal education programmes delivered through a team of youth workers, both paid and voluntary, under the guidance of the voluntary management committee.

Since those early days the project has grown from providing services on a part-time basis with one youth worker working part-time and several volunteers. In today’s terms the project operates on a full-time basis with two full-time youth workers funded through CDYSB, one full-time youth worker seconded to TYS from the Baldoyle Youth Forum and sixteen youth work volunteers working face-to-face in the local community and providing a variety of educational programmes designed to meet the needs of the local community.

The vast variety of educational programmes comes in the form of:

  • Centre based activities: Arts & Crafts, Pool competitions, Photography and monitored Internet access etc.
  • Indoor football and table tennis
  • Drugs education programmes
  • Personal Development programmes
  • Teenage sexual health programmes
  • Outdoor Pursuits programmes
  • Leadership skills training with student prefects from local secondary schools
  • Student Council training
  • Drop Inn Facilities with a CV preparation service
  • Leadership skills for all voluntary leaders and paid youth workers
  • Child protection training
  • Adventure weekends away / teambuilding
  • Work with young people with Special Educational Needs

In addition to the above work Trinity Youth Service places huge emphasis on networking with other local services such as:

  • Community Guards
  • Health Service Executive (HSE)
  • Local Drugs Task Force
  • Proactive recruitment of volunteers
  • Local Primary and Secondary Schools
  • Local Residents’ Associations
  • CDYSB Youth Workers Network
  • Local Summer Projects
  • Catholic Youth Care (CYC)
  • Local Adult Education Service (T.A.R.G.E.T)

All of this work ensures the continued development of services and programmes to the local community and represents huge value for money to all stake holders.

Trinity Youth Services

Scout Centre, Newbrook Road, Donaghmede, Dublin 13. Tel: 01-8482812