Pastors Desk: Twenty Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time/A

Posted 19th September 2020 in Pastor's Desk

Pastor’s Desk 20th September 2020 - Twenty Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time/A

25th-sunday2Our readings today are essentially about our human sense of justice. The group of farm workers judge the generosity of the landowner as unjust and unfair.

We can all remember those times from childhood when we argued with our parents about something not being fair. A sibling who got a bigger dessert than us or could stay up late while we were sent to bed. Maybe it was in school when we thought that the teacher was showing favouritism or during a football match we disagreed with the referee awarding a penalty or sending a player off the pitch.

In work, maybe we feel that we work harder than anyone else and should be rewarded more than all our colleagues. But envy should have no place in our hearts because we cannot control the way God blesses others. We should just be grateful that he does, just as he blesses us too.

Essentially, what Jesus is telling us today is that as his followers a full wage is given to each of us regardless of whether we have worked all our lives or just turned to him later in life. His mercy is far greater than our human minds can comprehend, and he is always ready to pardon us. The story of the landlord’s love and generosity represents God’s love and generosity towards us.

Jesus also wanted to teach the disciples that they did not have any special place of honour because of their close association with him. All individuals, no matter when they come, are equally precious to God.

Fr. Gerry C.