Pastors Desk: Twenty Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time/A

Posted 12th September 2020 in Pastor's Desk

Pastor’s Desk 13th September 2020 - Twenty Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time/A

forgiveness1Forgiveness and mercy are the main themes of our readings today. We can all find it difficult to forgive those who have hurt us, with things they have done or said about us, but it forms a central theme of the gospels.

Today’s first reading from the Book of Ecclesiasticus urges us to forgive our neighbour for any hurt they have caused us. Because, if we hold or ‘nurse’ any anger towards them, how can we expect mercy and forgiveness from God for the hurts we have caused others? We are encouraged to live by the commandments and overlook the offence.

In today’s gospel Peter asks Jesus how many times he should forgive his brother when he wrongs him. Jesus tells him ‘Seventy times seven’ to illustrate or indicate that there is no limit on the times we must extend that forgiveness to others. It is a daily and lifelong challenge because the memory of wrongs and hurts can deeply affect our ability to forgive situations. It does not come easy or sometimes without cost.

The story of the wicked servant today is a reminder to us that we are duty bound to extend the hand of forgiveness to those who have hurt us when we have already received the forgiveness and compassion of a loving God throughout our lives. For example, each time we pray the Our Father we ask God to ‘forgive us our Trespasses’, ‘as we forgive those who have trespassed against us’, how can we say that if we have not put it into practice daily?

Fr. Gerry C.